Jeff in Sweden – Part 0

Jeff in Sweden – Part 0

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So I moved to Sweden.

Pretty crazy isn’t it?

Spent 32 years of my like living in cold Quebec then I decided to move to cold Sweden. Even though it’s not really cold here. At least not in Stockholm.

I worked at Massive, in Malmö 5 years ago and since I came back, there’s a part of me that always wanted to go back to Sweden. I fell in love with the country. I didn’t knew when or how I would be back but I knew I would, at some point, go back.

I was not really thinking about working there though. But here I am. Moved to Sweden and starting to work for EA DICE tomorrow.

But this is PART 0 of I don’t know many parts. I’ll write about this crazy adventure as I see fit.
Before moving, I had to say farewell to a lot of people and good bye to close ones.

So I threw a party. One hell of an evening at my favorite medieval restaurant in Quebec, La Chope Gobeline. Lots of people came. People always told me that others like me. But you never know. I threw a party without really knowing who would come. I even invited some people I haven’t seen for years.
The vast majority of them came.

People I love.

Here you can see a part of the people who came.
Long time friends, coworker and ex-coworker from the video game industry.


It was really awesome to be surrounded by so many people I care about and care about me.

Lots of emotion, amplified by booze, was in the air. Saying farewell to so many people was not easy.

Then, a few days later I got my visa so everything was set.

I was in this process since October.
Phone interviews.
On site interviews.
Dozens and dozens of emails.

It took five months of intense stress for me to get here in Sweden but thanks to EA DICE. Many people helped me.
When you think about it, it costs thousands and thousands of dollars for a company to bring someone over.

They paid for my visa.
They paid for my on site interview.
They paid for my move.
They are paying for my 2 months temporary gorgeous appartment.
They are paying people to help me with every details.

Adding to that is the crazy good conditions DICE is giving me as an employee too!

So here I am, in the beautiful capital of Sweden surrounded by this old and new Swedish architecture and dozens of islands covered in a bit of snow as I write this.

What’s next?
My first day at DICE.
I’m looking forward to this.

After that, we’ll see!

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2 thoughts on “Jeff in Sweden – Part 0

  1. Well, you _are_ senior designer in fact. People are supposed to throw money at you at this point in your career so… well don’t take it for granted (but you don’t so you are cool) but enjoy some benefits of being the good and experienced specialist. Electronic Arts though… khm, well, I want to see how it will go. You know, they have a history. But I wish you all best luck both in the country and on job site.


    1. I never take anything for granted. Even when I’ll reach 30 years of experience I won’t.
      You know, it’s never the same from the inside. I worked for Ubisoft for 10 years. If I would have listened to “the people out there” it would have been the same. Ubisoft/EA/Activision, they are all shitty company if you read the web.

      Like I told a friend who basically wrote the same to me on facebook. I’m working for DICE and even the lootboxes and stuff made a shit ton of waves not so long ago, this was not the devs faults. You make game yourself, devs want to make the best game possible and that’s it.

      Marketing, management, share holders and other “big head” like that is a different story though. They are here for the money.

      But I’ll see. The grass is never greener. Just a different tint of green.


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