The Good old Days


The Good old Days

Fuck new technology.

Yeah, that’s a harsh start isn’t it?

I decided to buy Final Fantasy XV on Xbone today (this article has no relation to FF whatsoever except to start the story). My Xbone is taking some dust here and there. I play a game and then my console goes to sleep for months. Last game I played was Darksouls III.


Seriously, every, single, time, I open my Xbone I have the same message, “It’s time to update!” and there we go. Four, five, six gigabytes of whatever to download. It takes forever, it’s not that my connection is bad or anything but I don’t download 1 GB per sec.

Then after the update is downloaded, the console installs it. At least, this part is pretty quick.

Then, hurray, you get in and also pop that CD in to… well, you know it, start another update. It obviously depends on the game, but it can takes a shit ton of time.

Tonight I had the chance, also, to fuck up my login so I was not able get into my account. You then have to change password, enter a few codes here and there, get some mails, reset other stuff and so on. It took me ages to understand that I had to go on the web and reset the account I was NOT logged in because for whatever reason, I was logged, on my laptop to another microsoft account that was not the one I was using for my xbone.

OK, that part, I think, is on me. But you know, when the only error message you get is “There is a problem on your account, go on the Internet to fix it”… well, fuck that.

Remember the good ol’ days? When you bought a game and it tooks you MORE time to get the cartridges from the Box that starting the game? You were putting the cartridge in, you were pressing power and BOOM you were able to play by pressing START. Yeah, sometimes you had to wait for a logo or 2, but that was it.

Even the freaking television now have fucking loading screens.

Maybe I’m being impatient or maybe it’s just fucking bullshit.

Back in the days, people had to do things without any big flaws because you were not able to update anything. Not the firmware of the console. Not the game. Nothing.

Fuck technology. Seriously.

PS: I opened my Xbone at 9pm. It’s 11:30pm now and FF update is at 49%. Fuck this.

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8 thoughts on “The Good old Days

  1. Yup, for every gain we get, we lose something.
    + My TV now has Netflix and a bunch of app embedded in it.
    – I need to update my TV firmware, and the other day, my TV got stuck when shutting down. I couldn’t do anything, so I had to unpower it completely to get it unstuck.
    + Our phones are mobiles !
    – The phone cost $600, is obselete after 2 years, and its screen break if you drop it on the floor. Also, it has a battery that lasts max 3 hours.

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  2. It’s true Jeff, but what options do we have? To go back? Or go forward… It might be that! The notion of going forward might be… well… misunderstood or misused. It actually started in the good old days! That desire to make things better, to improve things… to cut in the loading time, to speed things up, to better reproduce the world we actually live in. The thing is, with everything new comes the idea of improving… BIG emphasis on the word “idea”. Somewhere along the way that idea, which is still being used every time to present something new, has lost its real intention. That desire to make things better as turn to the desire make you think it’s better. The problem is… it actually works. WE do believe, and well to be honest, in reality IT IS better except it’s irrelevant… i mean think of the time your Xbox 360 would take to process the information your “X-Bone” takes a day to do. See! It is better! But not improved! Not by a loooong mile! I mean hell, fiber cable does improve the speed of information transfer, that’s science, but it DOES NOT mean it improves my life if in order to use it i need a box that downgrades the signal so my apparels can use it. So here you have it my friend! Tomorrow is the good old days of the futur! Fear not loading screen are here to stay… just don’t believe them when they say they improved on it!!!

    And remember: I am one with the force! The force is with me!

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  3. i think one good thing would be to finish games properly before releasing 😛 so ppl wouldnt have to get 20 patches in the next 3months… theres too many releases anyway 😀 waiting a bit longer for a new game wont kill anyone (hopefully). and the other thing i figure (glancing over to BF1 dvd box) is that there is no new physical storage device being invented since the bluray… now that everything is rewritable a usb or sd card and so on you cant go and buy a usb with the game setup on it… if there would be some huge new storage device that would actually be able to – access and transfer data fast – store shitloads of gbs – be kinda permanently
    i would actually buy more physical copies of stuff instead of steamloading everything (also, the games for console could actually be on the devices in a working kind of manner so no big setups and downloads needed)
    but since the market is clearly oriented on bigger, better, fast and more beautiful 90% of the stuff just goes down unfinished with 3hr setups (glancing to bf1 again) followed by a 2hr download and 3 console/windows updates. Also ppl got kinda used to it over the years i guess? when i buy a game…i dont even expect to play much on the day i buy it anymore… buying… downloading…setup… ok its 11pm ill have a glance at the tutorial and go to bed afterwards.

    enough ranting! we all will still continue to play and also to make games! like smokers will still smoke when the pack is 15$!


  4. I’ve been a PC gamer since the 90’s. Since then married and three children , work and all the other things I’ve got to do. Well it has gotten more time consuming and these days I don’t have time to set up all this crap. I just want to play and not have to jump through hoops to get there . Dunno . I do remember the days where you install a PC game and play , if you had to upgrade for the game no worries . But all these updates and stuff you have to do . I just want to game dang it !!! Thanks for the post , I feel your frustration and the gaming industry is going down a bad path. So many times I don’t even try , I enjoy the simple things in life and it’s there loss. Happy Exploring !

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  5. I have the same issue since the ps4 came out. During the ps3 era games were a lot more plug and play (smaller patches maybe) but now every time I want to replay something I need to plug and wait untill 20gb patches are downloaded. First day patches also kill me…

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  6. Yeah, well, we had smaller patch but also slower connection… I think that both are no going at the same pace!
    Haha, yeah, well, first day patch are sadly pretty much needed now.
    Video games are so huge nowaday that you can’t fix everything that are in the database before launch since, well, you have, most of the time to send a build somewhere, to a publisher, to a first party (especially if you work on console) and that has to be done like, 1 months before the ship.
    The “Gold Master” is sent way before the shipping date so, during that time, you still have time to fix some stuff!


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