World of Simulator Simulators?

World of Simulator Simulators?

Or Who’s Doing the Dumbest Game


I can’t remember these days because I was not alive but back in the 80s, video game had a pretty big crash. There were a ton of shitty consoles on the market and game companies where making games like mad men. All gamers probably know what happened back then with the pinnacle of all, E.T. on Atari 2600. People where like “Fuck that industry and their shitty products!”.

I don’t want to say that we’re going into a crash because a lot of people already talked, wrote and screamed about it. I don’t really think that’ll happen. But, why, seriously why, are all these people doing shitty games?

I was about to go to sleep but I saw a popular new release on steam. It’s called… nah, I don’t even want to write the name. People could get interested! I’ll write a few lines instead.

AAA Money Sucker Simulator


This is how I categorize games now a day.

Am I just an old fart who can’t enjoy anything anymore? I don’t think so. I look at game differently for sure since creating games is my job. Like a movie maker probably has a hard time “not complaining” when he watch a movie.

But  seriously. This is how it is right now.

On this post, I just want to talk about the green part.


For me, it all started with Goat Simulator.

I thought it was funny and “new”. I mean, an open sand box where you do whatever you want with a set of mechanics. You character is a goat. Cool I guess, goat where trendy at that time.

I wonder why it was not a cat simulator that came first though…


I don’t understand people. All these shitty stupid games are doing so well. People enjoy them SO MUCH. But I’m wondering if people really like them or just buy those games because it’s even more stupid than the last one they bought.

I Am Bread for fuck sake! Yes there is gameplay and all but, seriously? You play a fukin’ bread slice. At least, gameplay is decent I guess.

But more recently you have crazy stupid games beyond comprehension.

Who’s Your Daddy… One guy play the dad and one other play the baby. If you are the baby you have to kill yourself. If you are the dad you need to do whatever possible so the baby don’t die. Why the?

Shower with your dad… Beyond shitty pixel art (Realm of the Mad God has its charm at last!) where you play a naked kid seeking for his naked dad taking a shower. Don’t hit the wrong dad though! If you see what they did there…

I could give more example but I don’t want too, people could go buy these games.

On a more serious note. Why are people buying these games seriously? I can understand people who wants to create them, people out there put their green thumbs up on all of these games on steam whenever there’s a new one. It’s even better for them it’s is dumber than the last one I think.


It may sound like a bland rank post. But that’s not exactly my purpose. Venting air was not the purpose either. I would seriously want to know why people are supporting devs who are doing these piles of dump.

I also seriously hope that it’s a trend and that it’ll die soon. Like clickers game for example. It lasted a few and that was perfect.

PS: I really like clickers. I love numbers. Numbers are cool.




6 thoughts on “World of Simulator Simulators?

  1. Ooh yeah. You probably noticed by now how bitter I am about a lot of things, the video game industry among other things. I feel like I’m seeing it all go to sh!t, great companies forsaking their ancient craft and honor to make midly to non interesting games full of bugs, and/or with a loosy gameplay, and/or a terrible scenario, all the while investing a lot in the visual department.

    As a graphist, I AM very sensible to visuals, and do not accept the idea that “visuals” do not matter, but hell, it HAS to come with SOMETHING.

    The rise of the indie community is just another opportunity for AAA studios. With the flood of cheap, stupid indie games, suddenly the big guns realize people, players, are probably just dumb sheeps that will buy dumb shit that make them laugh. It’s the same phenomenon, really, than PewDiePie. The guy’s the most successfull Youtuber ever, so what does it tell about the watcher base ( and the player base ) that he is not only a GAMER doing videos, but also a guy making stupid videos where he just yells and makes a fool of himself ?
    So yes, for each Goat Simulator that is sold, it’s one more hint to everyone else that to be succesfull, quality just doesn’t matter. While the pixel art displayed in, like, 75% of the indie games is debatable at least ( I mostly dislike pixel art because it’s hard to tell if it was due to the inability of the dev to make proper visuals or people striking the nes/nostalgia chord, which always irks me ), games like Goat Simulator can’t even be properly defended. It’s the art of turning a freaking bug into a selling product… And it works.

    Who’s to blame, though? The guy who sells, or the guy who buys? A friend of mine would say the guy who sells would be wrong not to, since he DOES sell. I say both are guilty. As long as people are willing to lower the standards of quality to make money, it will keep going down and down, and a time will comes when even good products have to adapt or die. I still think AC3 was the last good AC in the way the series was created – a game set in an almost educational reproduction of historical facts of an interesting, rarely used, era. AC4 just dived into fantasy and stopped caring because 3 didn’t work well, so why bother ?

    In the end, this is it : why should companies bother ? People buy stupid shit, so companies do stupid shit and sell stupid shit to people. It’s not even a circle : it’s a spiral. A spiral downward.

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  2. Funnily enough, REAL Simulators like the Euro Truck simulator are incredibly popular, especially in Germany (lol).

    But, like you said, I think that’s just a trend that will go over soon. How many new zombie/survival games do you see nowadays? (Besides sequels like Resident Evil)
    How many Minecraft clones do you see nowadays?
    Hell, even the MOBA trend seems to end already.
    Even this indie-simulator trend seems to die away already.

    Maybe we should ask ourselves what the new trend will be? I guess it might be a huge wave of anime-weaboo-whatever-they-are-called games soon. But who knows.
    What I would LOVE to see is a resurrection of the RTS genre. The only RTS that is really popular nowadays is Starcraft, a lot of decent RTS games (Grey Goo, Etherium, Act of Aggression) died shortly after release.

    But nowadays the market mainly consists of games where you have to follow one path without any choices and/or good game design and/or the Xth sequel of a popular franchise with barely any changes (there are probably too many to mention). Whose fault is it? Well, I guess ours. Too many people complain about Activison, EA and Ubisoft and YET they buy their games.
    I just hope the few Exceptions (like the Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, Divinity etc.) won’t become even fewer.

    Oh well, here’s hoping!

    PS: Omelette du fromage!

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  3. I had a good laugh looking at that pie chart. I couldn’t agree more. I thought I just became really selective about the entertainment products I consume (aka old fart), but apparently, I’m not the only one.

    I did tried to listen to PewDiePie, playing any llama eating llamas games, trying real hard to play shitty AAAs filled with marketing dreams that feels like eating at McDonalds everyday and expect to find out why everybody in the universe and your grandma likes it. I still don’t understand the magic glittery sugar coating that covers it all.

    After I had a huge blast that lasted a good 2 hours trying to go beyond what a goat and physics can do, I had a brief moment of lucidity when the goat exited the boundaries of the map. The devs clearly left these holes there because, who cares, it will be even more fun to exit the map, right? Well, no. My fun stopped there and my brain landed in reality again. I guess these products are made for fast consumption after all? Needless to say that they will not leave a lasting impression in my memory…

    I’d say the next big thing could be a vitual reality sandbox with exploding evil fractal squirrels?

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  4. Nice reading. I’m sorry however that I strongly disagree with it.

    First on facts and then second on opinions.

    Facts: I understand the pie diagram being shown is used as a way to convey a message, but I, as an engineer, really dislike a diagram without any source of data. That’s a pet peeve of mine. 

    Now on the opinion part:
    I don’t think there are that many more bad games recently than before. I think there are just MORE games available. I believe accessibility is the key now. It has become much easier to find and play games and it has also easier now to create (Unity, Unreal, XNA, etc.) and distribute (Steam) your games than ever before.

    The other day I was in a dollar store. What did I find? Books for $1! 500 pages books for $1! Think about it, that’s less than 0.2 cent per page, and that’s not even covering the shelving, selling, distribution and paying the author back. Have books become crappy? I don’t think so. There is just a ton of them available now.

    Same for movies, we got a couple of good movies, and a crazy load of incredibly bad movies. It’s easy to pick up a camera. You can upload your movies for free on Youtube! There’s incredibly bad contents on Youtube, but modern technology makes it easy to filter the good content.

    McDonalds is popular. Budweiser is popular. Doesn’t mean they are good restaurant; they just fill some sort of void. I don’t think food have become stale, there are tons of good restaurant and international cuisine everywhere. There are good beers and microbrewery everywhere (yes, even in California. ;))

    We just need to figure out the signal from all this noise. Games have democratized themselves, they are now common culture such as music, book and movies. That’s why you get the feeling there are more bad of them, while actually there are just more of them all.

    Games have never been that good. There are giant JRPGs being made, there are multi-millions dollars budget games being make (Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty) and there is also a lot of indie games being made. Some good, some bad. They are stupid drug addicted games (Clash of Clan) and there are good games that will make you think further. Games have just become a common culture commodity.

    I like it. I like the future of gaming, it has tons of potential.

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    1. Yeah, obviously, my pie chart was just what I think about video games. Nothing related to any study or research.

      I would say that yes, there are more bad games because, exactly, there are more games out there. The more you have, the more bad games you have. I didn’t wanted to talk about the crash the industry had 30 years ago because that’s another debate. But the fact is, it happens because there was not any kind of quality insurance or anything from Atari. This is the same now with indie games and steam. Everything can go on the platform. And it’s not like that just a small thing. ALL the games are on Steam now. Simple as that.

      Also, your book comparison is related to price. I’m not talking about price though. This is even another subject. People want to play video games for free now. That annoys me a ton in fact. But yet, another subject. I understand what you mean though. Even if there are McDonalds out there, yes there are a lot of good restaurant.

      Although, I still think that my pie chart is accurate. I’m SURE there are more crappy, bugged, unfinished bad games than the opposite.

      On my side, I don’t like where this is going. The McDonalds comparison is good again. This is fast food in gaming. Games that you shew “for a minute or two” and then you trash away. Good and genuine games are hard to find because they are hard to make and “companies” don’t want to do that anymore. They just, for the majority, want to suck your what’s inside your wallet. For the indies, yes a lot of them are trying hard and sadly for them, the majority fail or die shortly. They are the ones with hearts but they are also the ones doing the most shitiest game ever.

      But I will still play games and find the good ones. That’s my main passion after all!


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