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My All Time Favorite

Chrono Trigger 20th anniversary

– Premise –

As my 1st blog post and since I will be mostly writing about gaming here, I will take a few time and put words about my personal greatest game of all time: Chrono Trigger. The game that changed me, as a gamer, forever.

Why? Because thy year, 2015 was, like the title says, the 20th anniversary of this masterpiece.

I remember back in the days, I was going, every Friday at a video game rental store to rent one game for the weekend. Some day, I stumble across this awesome box:

I was like, wow, this is seriously bad ass. I need to play this game.
So I rented that game and went home.
I was probably 10 or 11 at that time. My native tongue is French and English was pretty much nothing except Yes and No at that time.
Imagine playing a RPG without being able to read English.
I DIDN’T CARED, that game was so beautiful and fun.

I was renting this game every weekend and I was always stuck at the same place, every time, every week end.
This mother fucker.

I was way too n00b to understand that I had to kill the Bits before attacking the eye in the middle.



– Gameplay –

There were a lot of “breakthrough” mechanics in this game at that time. Chrono Trigger brought really new things to the genre that were really awesome.

– Combat –

The combat mechanic was probably the easiest to see at first.
It was still turn by turn like any JRPG, but monsters were moving so you could time some “Tech” to hit more than one enemy. You were not able to move your characters but waiting for enemies to be at specific spot was pretty nice and new.
They also included dual and triple tech. You could choose to do super duper awesomely looking magical attacks with 2 or even 3 characters in your party.

– Time Travel –

In some JRPG, you had a huge part of the game on a world then something was happening and then the world was changing and you were playing on another world, like FF6.
But in Chrono Trigger you were time travelling in different eras. You had 7 time periods to visit (1 was much only the ending boss).
But the most awesome thing was that some actions you were doing in the past were affecting the future. Like opening a chest in the past would put that chest open in the future.

– New Game+ –

THIS, was new. That was the first time people saw that feature.
You just fought your way against this awesome game and then you discovered, after the credits, that you could restart the whole game with the character you had. How about some awesome speed running! This was opening a whole new level of awesomeness related to the endings of the game that I’ll talk later. Also being able to almost one shot bosses at the beginning.

– Characters –

Another thing that was really nice with this game was the Characters. All party member were awesome by themselves and had a really huge back story. Except probably Crono. He didn’t really have any back story…

You had a sword master frog, a completely bad ass prehistoric women, a cute inventor, a big ass robot and so on.

– Story –

The story was so great too. I liked it a lot more that any other game because it was related, at some point, as humankind history. That huge meteor falling from the sky killing all the dinosaurs and then creating a long ice age and a pretty dark future where humans where fighting just to stay alive against robots.
(Ok, we’re not fighting against robot for now.)

It started as a super peaceful game, you played a random guy going to a festival near your home and encountered a cute girl named Marle (Nadia!). Then you went to see your old friend Lucca and her new invention and BOOM, the tone is set. Marle is teleported somewhere. You went after her and you discovered that you were 400 years in the past.
I won’t resume all the story here, I’m pretty sure if you are reading this, it’s because you have played the game.
But yeah, the story was so great and involving.

– Endings –

There were 12 endings in Chrono Trigger. (They even added more in the PS1 and DS versions). With new game+ you were able to go fight the ending boss at different point in the game. (You encounter him quite a lot in fact). Depending on the point in the game you could had a different ending.
There was even one that you killed him before the ice age so all humans where reptile instead! That was a funny one.

– And so on –

You know, I could write during hours about this game. I still beat this game every few months. I’ve done so every years since 1995 I think. I can’t get enough even if I know this game by heart, even if I went through it countless times.

That’s why I wanted to write about this master piece to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary.

For the love of all video game history, if you haven’t played this game, you should. I really encourage you to do so. If you have played this game in the past, you should replay it and see, why, even today, it’s still considered one of the greatest video game of all time.

On an ending note, I’ll say that, again, I REALLY like this game.

My Chrono Trigger stuffs
My Chrono Trigger stuffs